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Welcome to Minnestalgia Wild Rice
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Wild Rice is the United States only Native Grain!

The Life Sustaining Grain Growing on the Waters
Minnesota is one of the major producers of Wild Rice in the world.   Wild Rice grows wild mostly in Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada.  Minnesota has laws about the labeling of Wild Rice that is sold here.   Wild Rice that is growing naturally in the lakes and rivers of Minnesota and is Harvested by canoe and flail sticks in the age old tradition, should be labeled as Minnesota Hand Harvested Lake and River Wild Rice.  The origin where Lake Wild Rice is growing should be on the package as well, ie., Minnesota, Wisconsin, Canada etc.  Wild Rice is also cultivated as a crop in these same areas and is grown in man-made paddies similar to Brown/White rice.  In Minnesota this Wild Rice should be labeled as Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice with the origin clearly labeled also.
Watch the Minnestalgia Wild Rice Harvesting video to see the 3 methods of harvesing.

The Story of Minnesota Hand Harvested Lake Wild Rice
One of the rituals and traditions left to the Ojibwa or Chippewa People of Northern Minnesota is the annual harvesting of the Wild Rice which grows naturally in the rivers and lakes - untouched by chemicals, controlled by nature...not by man.  The harvesting of the Wild rice is done much the same as it was centuries ago with canoe and knocking sticks.  1 person pushes the canoe through the water and the other sits and knocks the ripe kernels into the bottom of the canoe useing 2 flail sticks. Since the beginning of the Ojibwa People, wild rice harvesting has been a time of ceremony and celebration and has always been a vital link in their spiritual and physical survival and, as such, was celebrated as a deity.  Many battles were fought with other Indian Nations over the possession of the Wild Rice producing waters.  A good harvest could mean the difference between a good winter or a bad one; life or death.

The Story of Minnesota Airboat Harvested Lake Wild Rice
In Minnesota, on private property only, Lake Wild Rice can be harvested by Airboat.  The Airboat will skim lightly over the water and "knock" the ripe rice into a large mettle scoop on the front of the Airboat.  This process does not harm the stock and it will stand up again after the Airboat passes.  With this process producing more pounds of rice per day than the Hand Harvesting with Canoe method, the Airboat Lake Rice is slightly less expensive but will cook and taste exactly the same as our Hand Harvested Lake Wild Rice.

The Story of Minnesota Cultivated Wild Rice
In the early 1950's, experimentation in cultivating Wild Rice began in the rich land of Northern Minnesota, where it grows naturally, in the hopes of being able to stabilize the supply.  It wasn't until the late 1960's that Wild Rice became commercially viable.  With a larger and more consistent supply, Wild Rice could now became available to the everyday consumer, not just as a valued gift or a once a year treat (if it could be found at all), but as an every day staple in the American diet.  Our Traditional Cultivated Wild Rice is black in color and will take about 50-55 minutes to cook.  We also have available our "Lite" Cultivated Wild Rice that cooks in 35-40 minutes with a slightly lighter color and more roasted flavor. 

Wild Rice - Good and Good for you!
Wild Rice is naturally *Gluten Free, Sodium Free, Fat Free and Cholesterol Free.  It also has more Zinc, Protein, Phosphorus and other trace minerals than either brown or white rice.  A 1/2 cup serving of cooked wild rice contains over half of your daily whole grain requirements.  It is high in protein and is almost a complete protein, add a lttle meat and vegetable or fruit and you have a complete food.  All these natural qualities make it an excellent alternative for the traditional potato or other rice dishes.   Cooked Wild Rice is wonderful in everything from stir frys, casseroles, soups, salads and breads to hot & cold cereals.  One of the tastier ways to enjoy Wild Rice is to mix it with ground meats in hamburgers, meatloaf, meat balls and sausages.  The gourmet taste of Minnesota Wild Rice is available now, everyday to you - the discriminating consumer!

Enjoy the Northwoods difference!

* Wild Rice is naturally Gluten Free, our facility is not Gluten Free