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Wild Rice Cereal with Blueberries.jpg

Order buttons are at the bottome of this page - order yours here!  (Waffle Recipe included on package)

Available Individually or in the 42 Day Challenge Box (contains enough cereal for 2 people - 84 half cup servings)

Let’s face it America, we have taken the whole grain goodness found in our Whole Grains, and formed them into unidentifiable shapes and colors, smothered them in sugar and unnatural flavors until we no longer know what they should look or taste like.  All this processing took out the natural goodness and then we had to add it back in just to give our bodies something to live on.

They say it takes 21 days to stop a bad habit and 21 more days to establish a good one.  Minnestalgia Hot Wild Rice Cereals are a good start, they are wild rice, blueberries or cranberries, nothing more, nothing less.  Wild Rice is high in protein to kick start your metabolism.  Each serving will supply ½ of your daily whole grain needs, is gluten, sodium, fat & cholesterol free and high in trace minerals, zink and phosphorus. (wild rice is naturally gluten free, our facility is not)

It is time to get honest with our food again and let go of the sugars, additives, preservatives and blue #1.  Maybe our foods aren’t going to be glowing with color, but they will actually be what we are supposed to eat.  What do you say America?! 

Each Cereal Package contains 10 half cup servings, (Plain Wild Rice Cereal Package makes 14-half cup servings) Cooks in 3-5 minutes  Like any hot cooked cereal, add salt, butter, fruit, nuts or sugar to taste.  For a more complete protein breakfast, add an over easy egg on top.

Another delicious use for wild rice cereal is Waffles.   These whole grain waffles are perfect plain or with syrup. Top with an over easy egg for a healthy and delicious breakfast.   Also great for a healthy snack.  Enclosed recipe uses 1 cup cooked cereal and makes 2 - 6" waffles; each whole package makes 10-14 waffles.  Each waffle contains half of your daily whole grain needs.  Waffles may be refrigerated/frozen and reheated in toaster or microwave.

Wild Rice is the United States' only Native Grain





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