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We have arranged our recipes in alphabetical order, so just scroll through them to choose the recipe you like, then you may click the recipe name to open it in a .pdf document
and you will be able to print it.

If you wish to share your favorite Minnestalgia Wild Rice, Syrup or Jelly/Jam recipe, simply email it to us at minnestalgia@citlink.net and we will post it on this page with credit given to you.



Long Grain Wild Rice

Classic Wild Rice

Glorified Wild Rice Salad

Hot or Cold Wild Rice Broccoli Soup

Hot or Cold Wild Rice Pudding or Custard

Northwoods Cheesy Wild Rice Soup (customer favorite)

Northwoods Cheesy Wild Rice Bake (customer favorite)

Northwoods Wild Rice Casserole (customer favorite)

Northwoods Wild Rice Salad (customer favorite)

Smokey Wild Rice Burger

Tasty & Healthy Oriental Stir Fried Wild Rice

The Perfect Cold Wild Rice Side Dish

Wild Rice Mini Porcupine Hors D'oeuvres

Wild Rice Summer Salad

Wild Rice Mushroom Quiche

Wonderful Wild Rice Salad

Wild Rice Polenta (Coarse Ground)

Cheesy Wild Rice Polenta

Mashed Potatoes and Wild Rice Polenta

Meatballs and Wild Rice Polenta

Meatloaf and Wild Rice Polenta

Wild Rice Polenta Pancake Cooking Instructions

Wild Rice Polenta Waffle Cooking Instructions

Wild Rice Polenta Waffle Serving Suggestions

Waffle Calories

Wild Rice Flour

Banana Bread

Blueberry Scones

Chocolate Cake

Chocolate Chip Cookies

Wine Jellies/Pepper Jams

Chicken and Raspberry Wine Jelly Rollup