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Creamy and rich deliciousness describes our Wild Rice Soups and all you do is add water.  They don't need it, but you can add in sauteed vegetables, leftover bacon, ham, chicken or anything else that grabs your fancy.  Cooks in 25 minutes and makes 6-7 generous 1 cup servings.  Serve with one of our Wild Rice Savory Pan Breads, which just happen to cook in the same amount of time.  You will enjoy the simplicity and they will enjoy the wonderful flavors!
White Cheddar Cheese and Chives with Wild Rice, rich and creamy goodness.
Shiitake Mushrooms and Wild Rice, earthy and nutty.
Tomato, Basil and Wild Rice, tasty and flavorful.

Allergens: May contain milk, soy, wheat, mushroom and nut products.